Voice over

The  "Feel the love"  page

"Stephen-- Seems your distinct voice can turn any project (low or big budget) into gold. Thank you, not just for coming through at a ludicrous hour, but for your expressive takes, wonderful style, superior sound quality, and going so far as to research idiosyncrasies of a character. Excellent work! Our clients are happy, WE are happy--AND grateful we found you! You are a master!"

James Aragona - Senior Producer, Meister-Home Productions


"Stephen has a mesmerising voice. Its mystery is guaranteed to capture anyone's attention."


S.E. Sever - Sci-fi Author and founder of MASH Stories




“I just listened to Stephen's recording of "My Sophia." It's so deliciously creepy my skin crawled a little... in a good way.”


Kate Kearns - Platform Manager, MASH Stories & freelance Writer and Editor


"Stephen is a professional, loyal and very talented voice actor, who not only gives many multiple takes in a range of voices, but who also is very gifted and knowledgeable in how to edit that sound for the best results. Of the many that I have worked with over the years he ranks as one of the best."


Karl Dutton - Writer, Director, Producer - Scytherinc Productions