Voice over

  In the event of my untimely demise, and if someone actually reads this. I will endeavour to keep this clean... Well, that's most of my military career gone and the majority of my life too. Ok, so if you hadn't guessed, I'm ex-military. I (rather unsurprisingly) haven't always been a voice actor. I have had many jobs, and one of the most demanding was my role as a marine engineer for the Royal Navy. Serving in various conflicts (front line) including Iraq and Afghanistan. I even came back from it all, a (mostly) functioning human being. Allow me to be the first to say, there is no test or proof of determination greater than doing your job while people are trying to kill you. As you can see, I'm a generally light hearted guy who is able to see the funny side of almost any situation. The military will do that to you :).

The Guy Behind The Mic

  Blimey! Congratulations for making it this far :).

  My life as a VO (technically) started in the military. One day there was a big joint celebration at the base church (Easter and 2 other smaller military events). There was to be selected individuals to give a reading to the entire base and ships companies, most of which had leave stopped till after the service had finished. Talk about a tough crowd.

One of the more practiced people with a large role to play in the service had taken ill. Naturally, they asked if anyone was willing to take on the honour. When no one came forward, I was "volunteered" for it. After the service, I was complimented greatly for my reading and asked to do things for the military press officers (free advertising). And thus, this rather anti climactic story ushered in my first steps into audience speaking and voice acting. After being taken on as full time narrator for http://mashstories.com/ and many other roles, I was given the tongue in cheek VO role for a cable TV spot from James A. Aragona, the senior producer at http://www.meister-home.com/ which you can see to the right.